5.2. API segments

This version of the application and API supports two major segments:

  • The single-user API, which is available directly under the /api/v1/ endpoint. This API is intended to be directly called for the end user interaction and expects the user to be present. Examples of calls available through this API:
    • Create a new package / bill of lading document
    • Transfer the document to another party
    • Update or add a template
  • The third-party API, which is meant for platforms which need to integrate directly with SmartBL and need to manage multiple companies at the same time. This API allows the platform, to work on behalf of a company on its platform. Example calls available through this API are:
    • The ability to impersonate any user of said companies;
    • Creating a company in the SmartBL ecosystem (without going through the KYC process);
    • Updating the company’s address book;

Please note that while single-user API is open for all, the third-party API is open to specific platforms only. You need to have a legitimate request to get an access to this API. If you need to issue calls against this API, please get in touch with CargoX to receive a client_id and client_secret.